“Alycia and her team of educators are as skilled as they are enthusiastic. Each educator delivers engaging material that inspires students to think, to create, to explore, to get dirty and to LEARN without the constraints of a normal classroom that can make learning feel forced. Instead the lessons are a magical adventure cultivating a love of learning. We hosted a summer learning camp with Alycia and a co-educator Xena this past summer for our daughter who is 7 and many neighborhood friends. Parents were reluctant to push a school agenda with summer underway but once their child attended, they were hooked! Neighborhood kids returned time and again! It was a home run for all!!” Mish A. Wellesley, MA

Our kids started 1:1 online sessions during the pandemic to support and supplement their remote learning school experience. We’ve been so impressed with the professional services, engaging teachers, and personalized lesson plans, that we have continued even after our kids returned to in-person school. One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is the technology itself, because it means lessons are much more dynamic than the classic workbook and pen. Alycia, Maria and Harrison are each terrific. They are creative, smart, well prepared, and their genuine passion for teaching shows in each session. They go above and beyond, taking a proactive and enthusiastic approach. Kate W. Wellesley, MA

My kids started working with Alycia at the beginning of the pandemic. At the time, it was fully remote and a nice supplement to their remote learning from school. We have since switched to in-person and have continued weekly lessons because they both really enjoy them. Alycia has a great sense of their strengths/weaknesses and interests, and each lesson is completely individualized and tailored to their needs. She makes learning hands-on and fun and they have both made great strides. Alycia could not be more accommodating and flexible. She is highly communicative and provides feedback after each lesson. We feel very fortunate to have found such a great resource for our kids! Hannah C. Wellesley, MA

My daughter absolutely loves working with Alycia! We first met Alycia and her team during a summer mixed-grade enrichment program that they ran in Cape Cod. My daughter enjoyed it so much she ASKED if she could continue working with Alycia in the Fall. Now Alycia and my daughter meet once a week on zoom and spend an hour doing enrichment activities that are educational, rigorous and fun! My daughter often sees the lesson beforehand and says something like "oh yes! I love math mysteries". It has been such a wonderful way to continue to highlight and foster her love of learning! Nora V. Milford, MA

Alexis truly enjoys learning new things through the creative lessons. She has received so much new knowledge about race cars, math, science, and other topics that would normally not seem to interest her but she has so much fun and comes home excited to share everything from each session. Every week she looks forward to the extra curricular work with your company! Lesley P. Wellesley, MA

Alycia has been so helpful in helping me accomplish my goals! They have changed many times over the course of our time together, because the old ones grew obsolete as I achieved them. When I met her I was feeling very stuck, having recently dropped out of high school due to illness. Alycia helped me reevaluate my aspirations and get my GED, get a job, and get my college applications in order. Now I’m a Creative Writing major at Emerson College, applying to the Honors Program next year! I feel so successful and proud of my accomplishments, still meeting with Alycia on a frequent basis to discuss where I want to go from here. There is no one place, or single aspiration. With Alycia I have learned that I can do anything I set my mind to! Jamie T. Cambridge MA