Success Stories

 Meet our Soaring Scholars! 

 Meet Elijah! 

Elijah began working with Jonny and Alycia at Ascension in 2022, where he focused on ISEE test prep and developing his math skills.

With their support, Elijah now tackles advanced math problems with ease and earned straight A's on his last report card. 

Elijah loves that Jonny's engaging teaching style, especially the "push-up breaks" between problem sets, makes learning fun!

 Meet Mattea! 

Mattea's journey with Ascension began last year when she worked with three of our wonderful tutors, Elizabeth, Grace and Johnny, to improve her ISEE math score. Mattea's mom noticed that during her tutoring sessions, Mattea was always laughing and fully engaged with the lesson. Her tutors instilled an enormous confidence in her abilities with their energy and enthusiasm.

Over only 5 weeks of tutoring sessions, Mattea raised her math score beyond her target, and she will now be attending the Ethical Culture Fieldston School this fall. Her mother, Kara, is a certified wellness and resilience coach who has extended her practice to work with families going through the admissions process.

Mattea is an avid bookworm (her current favorite is "The Keeper of the Lost Cities") and will be starring as the Wicked Witch in a production of "Shrek" soon. Thanks for being an ascending scholar in our learning community, Mattea! 


"My daughter did amazing with the admissions process. Of the five top schools she applied to, she got into four and is on the waitlist at the other! 

She got into Nobles & Greenough, Newton Country Day School, Dexter Southfield, Buckingham, Brown & Nichols (BB&N), and is on the waitlist at Rivers. 

We are all very thrilled, proud, and grateful! 

Regarding my son, he is an A+ math student these days, thanks to his virtual tutoring sessions!

Scoring 100% on his in-class tests, he is just killing it! He completes his homework with ease and confidence. We are so proud, and he is so proud - he is a top student!  

They have both come a long way, and we are all very happy with their results! Thank you so much to Alycia and Elizabeth!"

- Vanessa, parent, MA

"We are so thrilled with the results of the tutoring program. Both of our students improved their scores and were able to get into the school of their choice."  

- Rebecca P., parent, NY

"Our kids started 1:1 online sessions during the pandemic to support and supplement their remote learning school experience. We’ve been so impressed with the professional services, engaging teachers, and personalized lesson plans that we have continued even after our kids returned to in-person school. One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is the technology itself because it means lessons are much more dynamic than the classic workbook and pen. Alycia, Maria, and Harrison are each terrific. They are creative, smart, well prepared, and their genuine passion for teaching shows in each session.  They go above and beyond, taking a proactive and enthusiastic approach."

- Kate W., parent, Wellesley, MA

"I signed three students up, two for the ISEE and one for the SAT. Each student had an amazing experience, and all of their scores were significantly higher in only ten sessions. I highly recommend both Oliver and Elizabeth for any student who needs to improve their scores and wants to have fun while doing it!" 

- Lance L., parent, MA

"My kids started working with Alycia at the beginning of the pandemic. At the time, it was fully remote and a nice supplement to their remote learning from school. We have since switched to in-person and have continued weekly lessons because they both really enjoy them. 

Alycia has a great sense of their strengths/weaknesses and interests, and each lesson is completely individualized and tailored to their needs. She makes learning hands-on and fun, and they have both made great strides. Alycia could not be more accommodating and flexible. She is highly communicative and provides feedback after each lesson. We feel very fortunate to have found such a great resource for our kids!" 

- Hannah C., parent, Wellesley, MA

"My daughter absolutely loves working with Alycia! We first met Alycia and her team during a summer mixed-grade enrichment program that they ran in Cape Cod. My daughter enjoyed it so much she ASKED if she could continue working with Alycia in the Fall. 

Now, Alycia and my daughter meet once a week on Zoom and spend an hour doing enrichment activities that are educational, rigorous, and fun! My daughter often sees the lesson beforehand and says something like, "Oh yes! I love math mysteries". It has been such a wonderful way to continue to highlight and foster her love of learning!" 

- Nora V., parent, Milford, MA

"Alexis truly enjoys learning new things through creative lessons. She has received so much new knowledge about race cars, math, science, and other topics that would normally not seem to interest her, but she has so much fun and comes home excited to share everything from each session. Every week, she looks forward to the extracurricular work with your company!"

- Lesley P., parent, Wellesley, MA

"Before I get started, I would like to thank Jonny for his time and effort and for improving my overall learning experience. Jonny is a very encouraging, kind, and thorough tutor. I was able to connect with him very quickly and easily which made me feel way more confident about my work and motivated me in the right direction. I enjoyed learning with him and look forward to reaching out to him again when I need it. I'm glad I reached out to this service because it made me look at learning chemistry in a different and fun way. 

My teacher in school makes it difficult to learn, and I don't connect with him. Without this service, I wouldn't have been able to succeed in my chemistry project and wouldn't be where I am now. Once again, I would like to thank you, Jonny, for all of your efforts, and look forward to talking to you in the future. Thank you so much! "

- Elliot S., student, Keene, NH